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We are really proud of our products and we are confident that not only will you love their taste, but you will evaluate enthusiastically their "origin" and authenticity. We have a passion for authentic Greek products and the Mediterranean Diet, and here you will find products that express it.

Some of our products are characterized as PDO or PGI, and we continuously enrich our organic line. 

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils stand out, even though they have strong competition from a numerous of other quality olive oils of our country. They cover a range of Greek olive varieties and their acidity is well below the threshold of 0.80% set by the legislation - usually less than 0.4%. At the same time, our choices of Olives, Kalamata or Green, stuffed, conventional or organic, along with the excellent olives pâté (spread) make up an enviable range.

Our Pasta and Soups come from the mountainous regions of the Peloponnese. The Tomato Sauces, Marmalades and Sweet Spoons come from family food crafts that have kept the recipes of our grandmothers.

Our sweet flavors are complemented by our excellent Honey, pasteli (sesame energy bars) in a range of flavors that can not be described, will surely allow our young and older friends to enjoy, at last, authentic breakfast of high nutritional value - and you can accompany deliciously your coffee and tea.

Soon we will also have available special herbs and salts, and some Gourmet options for our special tastes of Greece.

In the "Products" area you can find a list of our product categories, while you can see a part of our collection. It will gradually become available more and more information on where you can buy them. We can only wish you "good appetite".

"Authentic Greece" Team

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