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Part of our "authenticity" is also our outstanding relationships with all of our associates - and not only our Producers.

Our other partners, who will be gradually presented here, but also in other relevant areas of our website, range from Organizations of Tourism and Local Government, to chef and high-tech experts with whom we have joined forces to bring you to "on your plate"" (literally) the flavors that have already excited us first.

If you want to automatically get updates on our partners, you can choose to register as one of our Members in our website.

Our Associates:

  • "We Do Local" Label: a business Standard for Locality
    "We Do Local" Label: a business Standard for Locality What does "WE DO LOCAL" mean ?"We do local" is a certification standard for tourism businesses, created to certify businesses…
    KALAMATA SCHOOL OF TOURISM Το “Σχολείο Τουρισμού Καλαμάτας” ( είναι μια 100% εθελοντική δράση – μη κερδοσκοπική – που υλοποιήθηκε χάρις στο μεράκι και τη…
  • Hotel Association of Arcadia (in Greek)
    Hotel Association of Arcadia (in Greek) Text in Greek (for more info visit  Η Ένωση Ξενοδοχείων Αρκαδίας (ΕΞΑ) ιδρύθηκε το 1996, ως επαγγελματικό σωματείο με…
  • Lakonia Hotel Association (LHA)
    Lakonia Hotel Association (LHA) The Lakonia Hotel Association (LHA) represents a dynamic Organizationof Tourism in Peloponnese - not only because it promotes Lakonia itself,…
  • Georgia Kofinas
    Georgia Kofinas Georgia Kofinas is a food writer who lives in Athens, Greece. She was born and grew up in America where…

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