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Lakonia Hotel Association (LHA)

logoLaconiaThe Lakonia Hotel Association (LHA) represents a dynamic Organizationof Tourism in Peloponnese - not only because it promotes Lakonia itself, but also for undertaking initiatives aiming to the cooperation of all tourism-related Organizations in Peloponnese.

As it is well-knownm, Lakonia (capital is Sparta) is situated in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula and mainland Greece
. With high mountains like Taygetus to the west and Parnon to the east, with historical places like Mystras and Monemvasia, with an excellent coastline, amazing beaches and special places like Mani, Elafonisos and Cape Tenaro and Maleas, invites any traveller for escapes the year round - also due to its mild typical Mediterranean climate.

With the partnership of LHA, that was made official recently, we now have the opportunity and the tools to develop actions that will make easier to our friends to get familiar with the excellent Nature of Lakonia, its hotels and local products. Stay with us for more !

A special edition about Lakonia will follow soon.
Meanwhile, you can get more info about Lakonia Hotel Association and its Members in the relevant link.

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