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"We Do Local" Label: a business Standard for Locality

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What does "WE DO LOCAL" mean ?

"We do local" is a certification standard for tourism businesses, created to certify businesses that boost local production and economy and promote Greek hospitality; it certifies businesses that offer their products and services, promote culture, gastronomy, the environment and the sustainability of their place.

"We do local" is a benchmark for the coordinated strategic promotion of the value of tourist experience and the excellence of tourism business in Greece. It provides essential leverage for local, economic, cultural, ecological and social development of society, in which it operates, under certain conditions and strict standards, with measurable results.

WDL breadmaking"We do local" is a philosophy under which a company operates:

- by spreading the local customs & traditions
- by introducing local cuisine
- by supporting local producers
- with respect to the environment and sustainability
- by supporting the local workforce

We do local meets the need of going back to our roots and having a better quality of life. Company wise, We do local fulfills the need to differentiate in substance and quality, as well as to support the economy and workforce of the local community.

WDL vineyardCustomer wise, We do local fulfills the need to try a product offering the real experience of the visiting place, the locals, and the raw materials they produce. In addition, We do local fulfills the need to act sustainably and respect the environment.

More information about We Do Local can be found in its website (, along with a list of certified Members: WDL Members or at the WDL facebook Page
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