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Georgia Kofinas

gk innerGeorgia Kofinas is a food writer who lives in Athens, Greece. She was born and grew up in America where her immigrant parents from Greece owned and operated a family restaurant. It was there that Georgia learned the basics of cooking. She received a bachelor's degree in History from the University of North Carolina and in 1976 Georgia moved to Greece with her husband and daughter.

In 1986 she co-authored a cookbook on Greek Lenten cuisine (meatless and dairy-less cooking), "Sarakostiana"(Greek edition), The Festive Fast (English edition), which is now in its 26th edition.
She has organized Greek cooking seminars; has planned and organized the menu for several Olive Oil conferences, and has also attended international food conferences to speak on traditional Greek cuisine. She has participated in several food festivals in Turkey and has headed a team of Greek chefs in coordination with a Turkish team presenting traditional dishes from both countries.

Georgia often appears on Greek television presenting traditional Greek cuisine and the religious aspects of holiday foods. She also organizes Greek cuisine seminars for foreign visitors to Greece and has served on the panel of judges in various food festival competitions both in Greece and abroad.

She was a contributor to the magazine, GreekGourmetraveler published by the Greek Foreign Trade Board (HEPO), which focuses and promotes traditional Greek products. She also had a food column in the National Herald, a weekly newspaper for Greek Americans and is currently a contributor to OLIVE, a popular Greek food magazine. For the past 13 years Georgia has served as a chef instructor in Traditional Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine and lecturer in Menu Planning, Nutrition, and Spa Cuisine at the Alpine Center for Hotel and Tourism Management Studies in Athens.

Georgia Kofinas supports "Authentic Greece" to promote local flavors and recipes of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

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