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Hotels and Restaurants of "Authentic Greek" Network share our values for "authentic", genuine Greek-Mediterranean food. Preserving "Authenticity" and complying, at the same time, with standardization and rules of good hygiene in modern food service units, is a balance difficult to achieve. However, it is important for the basic authentic ingredients of a meal, to be authentic and standardized. Whenever possible, this authentic cuisine could also be combined with local recipes available at the place where the products are produced. This is what we call "Authentic Greece."

The hotels and restaurants included in our network are committed to this effort. Each of these units is classified into an "olive oil drop" category (in a scale 1 to 3), which indicates to which extent authentic products are available within the premises and in the menu.

Select the category of hospitality and cuisine that suits you best, based on our classification:

drop-on "Authentic" products available in the area of hospitality / dining
drop-ondrop-on Use of several key local "authentic" products in menu / café
drop-ondrop-ondrop-on Incorporation of a wide range of local "authentic" products in menu / café and / or use them as gifts to customers

Please view, in the "Points of Sale" area of our website, the Hotels and Restaurants of our Network.


Retail stores, who sell our products, are also interested in promoting "authentic" flavors. They are usually delicatessens, aiming to promote special products for demanding consumers, or Super Markets with real gastronomic interests.

Stores included in our network, are classified into an "olive" category (in a scale 1 to 3), which indicates to what extent a store has available "authentic Greece" products, in various forms.

Select the category that suits you best, based on our classification:

olive Some "Authentic Greece" products are available in-store.
oliveolive All basic products of our main selection are available in-store.
oliveoliveolive Most of our product line is available in-store and the store shows commitment to the strengthening of the "authentic" local flavors

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