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Sustainability & Health

An important part of our effort is to enhance the local economy, helping people stay in their villages and find new buyers for their products, which they make in their local workshops – in order to know what eggs our soups and pasta are made from and what olive trees produce the oil for our salad.

We collaborate and support local women's cooperatives and associations that promote local traditions and protect (often without even realizing it) the environment that feeds and relaxes us.

We now know at this stage that it is impossible to have long-term growth without the proper use of natural resources in the region our action, whether they are the raw materials for our products or the environment that welcomes our guests. And this development we want to support.

Health and (Mediterranean) Diet
Mediterranean is the place that re-defines the diet after dietary medieval centuries throughout the Western world. We are interested to contribute ourselves, to create a world that preservative and GMOs are not the dominant part of our dish. Because we are what we eat.
In this effort, we consider critical our ability to support the initiatives of many organizations around the world to spread the Mediterranean Diet - certainly not as a fashion model but as the food model we want our kids to follow just to live longer and healthier. Very soon you will see this effort to get the "space" it deserves, accompanied by values ​​that are almost forgotten, like thinking and searching. It can be done! And this journey of healthy flavors it can be fun.

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