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From selected crops of small producers in Peloponnese, Dodecanese and the Aegean, the unique selection of traditional flavors "Authentic Greece”, offers you delicious tasting experiences: high-quality olive oil, carefully selected olives, pasta, honey, sauces and traditional sweets will travel you to the world of rich flavors of the Greek land.

The selection of our products consists of genuine culinary treasures, based on old recipes and local traditions of many generations. Moreover, the carefully selected producers of "Authentic Greece" are distinguished for their care and their traditional cultivation methods, so that you can enjoy the unsurpassed quality and authenticity of their products.

But for those of you who are looking for a complete "authentic" tasting experience, there is something more: in the partner hotels and restaurants of the Network "Authentic Greece", you can taste our products close to their source and enjoy them on their own or as part of a local traditional dish.

Website & Phrase of the Week
We will constantly update our website with a lot of information with the available products, producers, hotels and outlets that give their customers access to "authentic” tastes.
Through our website you will also be able to keep informed about events that interest you, proposals, offers and discounts for our members and, of course, local recipes based on authentic products, both from well-known chefs and simple women carrying the dietary tradition from generation to generation.
In addition, if you register to our Newsletter, we will receive in your e-mail the "Phrase of the Week", a weekly motivational quote, along with useful news about Food and Tourism

We aspire to become useful by promoting the sustainable development of the Greek rural areas, as well as the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet on our health and quality of life, giving relevant information. We will also surprise you with actions referring to the promotion of Greece but also to our personal development, based on Principles we "choose" to forget.

Stay with us and we will always be happy to help as much as we can!

The "Authentic Greece" Team

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