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8th Kalamata School of Tourism, 19-21/11/2018

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 12:25
DIVERSITYInspiring ...
Our next appointment : November 19-21, 2018, with a core message: #diversity 
Remember: participation in the events of the KALAMATA SCHOOL of TOURISM is free to everyone!

The "KALAMATA SCHOOL of TOURISM" ( is a 100% voluntary - non-profit - action that was implemented thanks to the passion and creative madness of a small group of people .. and of course thanks to the polite support of ELITE CITY RESORT and COSTA NAVARINO.

The systematic training and education of all employees and executives of the hotel and food industry is absolutely necessary, especially in an anthropocentric sector such as tourism.
Stay tuned ... and SUPPORT our effort on the FACEBOOK Page (KALAMATA SCHOOL of TOURISM).

More information about the event can be found on the School's Web site and at the Event Page on the facebook: 8th Tourism School.

Here you can see the Conference Program per Day (in Greek):

  Monday 19/11         Tuesday 20/11-morn     Tuesday 20/11-aftern

Programme Day 1 8th Kalamata Tourism School NOV 2018  Programme Day 3 noon 8th Kalamata Tourism SchoolProgramme Day 2morn 8th Kalamata Tourism School NOV 2018

Wednesd 21/11-morn Wednesd 21/11-noon

Programme Day 3 morn 8th Kalamata Tourism SchoolProgramme Day 2noon 8th Kalamata Tourism School NOV 2018

or in the School's facebook Page .

Dimi Vassiliou Kalamata Diversity
Note that on the 3rd day of the Conference, Wednesday 21/11, at 14:15, "AUTHENTIC GREECE" with Dimitris Vassiliou, will be presenting the concept around which our company has been built:
"Marketing of Hotels & Destinations based on Branded Local Products"
Soon we will give more information, but a summary of the presentation can be downloaded here.
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