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Library of Life

In areas of our website where our products are presented, you may have already found some data referring to the properties of each one and their usefulness to our health. Here we make this effort more systematic and extensive.

If you are interested in health and wellness, in the "Library" you will find important news, mainly about Nutrition and Diet, but often beyond that: quests and habits that make us stronger physically and emotionally. Because, as said by Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician (460-377 BC) and "father" of modern medicine: "between philosophy and medicine there is no great difference."

Hippocrates believed in the natural treatment of relaxation (!), good food and clean environment. We will support these classical principles for a better quality of life and we will be happy to be useful to you all. The minimum you would expect to find here, is recipes to enjoy our products. On our website (particularly the "Library" section) will also find:

  • useful information on the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, which is recognized as the most effective and comprehensive Diet in the world, and the only one that has been recognized by UNESCO as a "Monument of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity"
  • useful health advice and relevant scientific developments
  • information about the history and value of products we suggest that support the Mediterranean Diet
  • proposals for an enhanced Quality of Life
  • information about product and special flavors of the Peloponnese and beyond, combined with local traditions
  • useful links of Organizations in line with our concerns from the areas of Nutrition, Health, Sustainable Tourism and Science

The "Authentic Greece - Peloponnese" Team

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