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We do look on the bright side: optimism is ingrained in human nature

attached image074If you are struck down by the winter blues, take heart, for things will soon start to feel better. Not only is spring on the way, but new research has concluded that as humans we all have a tendency to look on the bright side of life.

A large study of languages spoken across the globe revealed that optimism is ingrained in human nature. Scientists from Australia and the US studied the 100,000 most-common words used in the world's ten most-spoken languages. Using mathematical analysis, they found that no matter their culture, people are far more likely to use positive words than negative ones.

The study, which looked at the most popular words used in newspapers, books, films, the internet and on the Twitter social media site, found that humans have a natural tendency to look at life with a cheerful slant.

Read the full article from the Daily Mail website.
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