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The importance for a child of the whole family eating together

h simasia tou na troei mazi oli h oikogeneia gia ena paidiFamily meals form a traditional value and a circumstance in which the chance is given to the members of the family to communicate and develop emotional ties.

Unfortunately, modern life has negatively affected this habit, since the hectic pace of everyday life often do not let family members to "share" their meals around the same table.

However, research data from recent years are highlighting the value of family meals, emphasizing another characteristic, as it seems that eating frequent meals with all the family can positively influence children's eating habits, but also other behaviors related to their health. In particular, it has been shown that children who eat family meals more often, have more 'healthy' eating habits.

Moreover, the increased frequency of family meals is associated with lower risk of overweight or obesity, while also appears to act protectively against the occurrence of eating disorders for children.

Finally, family meals are a good opportunity for a child to learn how to evaluate satiety. Indeed, it seems that increased frequency of consumption of family carries further benefits, which are not related only to "healthy nutrition." In particular, recent research data show that teenagers who eat family meals more often, have lower chances to adopt "bad" habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

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