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Best Food World Map per Country by a man who visited them all - Greece

ian"I was born in Quebec City in Canada, and already at a very young age, I had dreams to discover the world. I imagined a way of endless travel, off the grid, out of the ordinary... In 2002 I designed a system to make it possible through online income. At the time it hadn't been seen before and that would make me one of the first digital nomads in the world.
This is part of my series about maps of the world where I compare each country I have visited in different categories. The point of this analysis is that after having visited almost all the countries (173/196) I believe I have finally acquired the experience and the credibility to be able to put them side by side and give an honest comparison. Of course, many of them are personal views following my personal tastes and is only a generalization. But since I get so many questions all the time about “what are my favorite country, for this, for that, for everything... “ I decided to represent my results graphically for people to get a better understanding of my opinion.

Eating is definitely one of the best parts of traveling! Local food is a great way to represent local culture and its creativity, in the form that is decodable only by our senses! It plays such an important role that it is, with accommodation, probably the spending that eats up most of the peoples budget while on a holiday. But without exaggerating, it is totally worth it ! Some countries really are a delight to travel to simply for their food! "

best food map
I love eating that’s for sure ! For the record, my preference has always been into healthy eating and I am a devoted carnivore. In general, I like cuisines that are rich in ingredients and flavors like Mediterranean cuisine and Asian Specialties. I dislike cuisines that have too many simple ingredients like potatoes in Russia, Fats in Kazakhstan (Salo) or over overly oily foods like in Indonesia.

With this in mind, my map has been created to illustrate the quality of food I have observed in different countries and compared them together. I have made my choice in terms of the local cuisine in general, not about 1 or 2 good dishes that are famous in a specific place.

To summarize the top ranked “Jaw Dropping” category, four countries made the list (very dark green) : France, Japan, Vietnam and Peru.

Cuisines that make the “incredible” category are (green) : Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Greece, India, Thailand, Laos, and Korea (both south and north). A Gourmet would include any of these countries to its itinerary to and would happily satisfy its pallet !

Most English speaking countries such as USA and Canada are not good for their local food - in general, fast food makes the most of people’s meals. Keep in mind that you can definitely find any kind of restaurants from all over the world and eat very well in most of North America, but I have abstained from considering this factor and focused mainly on local traditional dishes.

You can read the full presentation of Ian's findings in his website/blog the digital globe trotter.

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