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12+5 Healthy School Snacks (and more)

12 Healthy School Snacks2 med
"Healthy Cook" is a new partnership for us. It's an excellent blog, created by a talented woman, friend and associate, Eve Skoura.
We leave you to her words:

"Well, it’s practically autumn by now. A few weeks ago we were talking about healthy snacks for the beach, and now we are already talking about school snacks, etc.

So, I’ ve gathered some of the blog’s healthy snack recipes for you and your children, and if those are not enough ???? take a look at the Healthy Snacks category of the blog. Healthy Snacks".

See the full list of Snacks in "The Healthy Cook" : "12+5 Healthy School Snacks (Updated)".
At EVERY snack, you will find a link with the full recipe ; you will notice that the full blog is bilingual: the English text follows after every Greek paragraph.
Ελληνικά (GR)English (UK)