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Should we put some olive-oil in it ?

Bodargo 02 Fanis Maikantis Na tou valoume ladiAn extremely interesting article by KATHIMERINI, titled "Should we put some oliveoil in it?" ("Μήπως να του βάζαμε λίγο λάδι ;" in Greek).

The article by Nena Demetriou refers to the work done by Fanis Maikantis, chef at the Botargo restaurant in Santorini, who handles the olive oil with the same philosophy that we, in AUTHENTIC GREECE, market our extra virgin olive oils (EVOO): every olive oil for a variety, every variety for a destination.

"In the gastronomic catwalk of Santorini, where dozens of first class chefs come every season, everyone wants to create something great, prominent and eccentric, a sequence of special dishes for the visitor with enough money to spend. How would a chef win the appreciation of an American from Texas, who probably knows of a beef calf? What tone of tat would make the Asian to remember what he ate for some months after?
I think perhaps somewhat simplistically, but could we put some olive-oil, the most "polite" and rich ready sauce that bears our seal? .....

Bodargo 04 OliveOils...... I really liked the idea of ​​Fanis Maikantis, who cooks at Botargo in Pyrgos, Santorini, to serve each dish with a different olive oil. "Customers who come here have already gone to Italy, Spain, where olive oil has a prominent place in restaurants. That's why I decided to show them that we have very good olive-oil, and a lot of varieties."
Sixteen olive oil is in the menu, most used raw. The waiter brings a bottle of each dish and presents it. It mentions variety, characteristic and serves raw over the food, to take out everything that loses in cooking, ie delicate aroma, bitter and fruity characteristics.

Together with the bread he brings olive oil from Heraklion, Crete. In the tartar, he puts Tsounatis olive-oil. Asparagus with tuna come with the variety of Makris, in the ravioli with scorpion one of the variety Olympia is added, and so on. The dish becomes something really different, with tension and sharpness.
Although Santorini has no oliveoil production, it has a good ground to make olive oil a "boutique product", as a boutique is the total tourist product it offers. Should we put some more olive oil ?"
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