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The yougenst Michelin-starred chef in London is Greek

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"Cook, love, create" is the motto of the 28-year-old Asimakis Chaniotis, who a few years ago could not imagine that from being graffiti in the streets of Peristeri and a seasonal hotel apprentice, he would end up in London, executive chef in one of the best restaurants in the city, Pied a Terre, which for 27 years has retained its own Michelin stars.

He also managed to be Michelin-awarded in 2018, at the age of 28, and became the first Greek to be awarded Michelin star outside his country - and also the youngest currently in London.

In the interview he says that Greece has narrow limits, but abroad he seeks to add Greekity to every dish.

Asimakis eggs"As soon as you sit down in our restaurant, you will bring to you the bread that we bake every day with egg-yolk and a bottle of olive oil from unripe olives I make myself. One of the dishes I had last year in my menu was the snails "like a stew" that my mother used to make when I was young. I made them in the form of ravioli, stuffed with snails and sauce, and small onions in the grill to give a smoky flavor.
Now I have a mix of Greek and French cuisine with foie-gras that I serve it with trachana, another favorite Greek material, as I use also raspberries, roegrass, stamnagathi from Crete and many more ".

Asimakis Pied a  Terre Team
Interestingly, Asimakis takes over as Chef at the same restaurant that he was a trainee few several years ago, deciding to ban swearing in the kitchen, in a restaurant where one of his biggest chefs (2 stars at the time), Tom Aikens, was fired for ugly behavior on an employee.

We also learn, among other things, that the staff employed by Pied-a-Terre are 70% Greeks. "Most people struggle hard in the kitchen behind the lights and in exhausting shifts without interruptions, as is the case in every big kitchen. It can often create tensions but success is definitely a collective result."

Of course, as he says, "hard work is rewarded in London, but working hours are doubles of a similar job in Greece."

You can watch a video (in Greek with English subtitle) in which Asimakis presents his story along with a fine-dining recipe in a very interesting way..

Please also have a look at the relative articles about Asimakis in the website of SLOAN Magazine, while you can also see a small collection of photos about Asimakis work here.

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