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Med Diet and gestational diabetes

pregnancyThe woman's diet before and during pregnancy, it is very important for the health of the fetus and the course of pregnancy and this connection has been established through numerous studies. At the same time it is known that when the diet follows the recommendations of the Mediterranean Diet drastically reduced the incidence of cardiac problems, hypertension and type 2 diabetes (adult diabetes ) .

The relationship , however, of the occurrence of gestational diabetes (GDM) with the Mediterranean Diet is an element that has not been extensively studied. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs in many women, with or without diabetes heredity - in recent years more and more. A very recent study, which involved Greek doctors too, highlighted the relationship of the Mediterranean Diet model with the occurrence of gestational diabetes.

In the study, researchers followed 1076 pregnant women from 10 Mediterranean countries and studied their eating habits, calculating through the MedDiet Score (consistency on the principles of the Mediterranean Diet * ), how close they were to the Mediterranean Diet pattern. What they found in this study was that the higher was the MedDiet Score (greater consistency on the principles of the MedDiet) in pregnant women, the lower was the likelihood of occurrence of gestational diabetes.

(* More on the MedDiet Score see the following links: Wikipedia, NutrMetabCardiovascDis)

It seems that apart from all the other beneficial effects of the Mediterranean Diet, it also contributes to the lower incidence of gestational diabetes. Of course it is still early and further research is needed to reach a level where the Mediterranean Diet provides a means of preventing the gestational diabetes.

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Editing by: CHARIS DIMOSTHENOPOULOS - Dietitian, Biologist
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