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Healthy Samples Result in Healthier Choices at the Grocery Store

imagesWe have all been told not to grocery shop on an empty stomach, but what other tips can help us shop, and consequently eat, healthier?
Cornell researchers found that shoppers can be primed to buy more produce when they eat a healthy item before shopping !! In fact, their new research, published in Psychology & Marketing, found that individuals who ate an apple sample before shopping bought 25% more fruits and vegetables than those who did not eat a sample!

In conclusion, for consumers, the researchers recommend having a small healthy snack like a piece of fruit before shopping. Not only will it help decrease hunger, it may also nudge you to select healthier items. For grocery stores they recommend leveraging these findings and encouraging people to buy more produce by offering samples of fruits and vegetables to shoppers upon entering the store !

You can read an extented summary of the research in the Page of Cornell University "Food & Brand Lab"  here.

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