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Our products are becoming available in a range of Points of Sale (POS), ie Delicatessen, Super Market etc, or as part of tasty recipes at Hotels and Restaurants.

All of our distributors, ie hotels, restaurants or retail stores, share our values for "authentic" genuine Greek food and are scored against this commitment: the more "Olive Oil Drops" or "Olives" you see in the profile of an outlet in our network, the more standardized, authentic products are available within its premises.

A more detailed description of the classification of ranking of Points of Sale can be found in the category "About Us> Tastes & Hospitality".

hotels  -- The Hotels included in our Network, use standardized, authentic local products of high quality at their restaurant and / or bar. Each hotel is scored into a category of "Olive Oil Drops" (in a scale 1 to 3), which indicates to what extent the products of "authentic Greece" are available within the hotel, with an appropriate labeling.
restaurants -- The Restaurants of our Network also use as many standardized, local, authentic products. Each restaurant is classified too into a category of "Olive Oil Drops" (in a scale 1 to 3), which indicates to what extent the menu includes "authentic Greece" products, always with an appropriate labeling.
stores -- Retail Stores selling our products, have an interest in promoting authentic flavors. These are Delicatessens, choosing products for demanding consumers, or Super Markets with gastronomy interests. Each store is classified into a category of "Olives" (scaling 1 to 3), which indicates to what extent "authentic Greece" products are available on-site.

The "Authentic Greece" Team
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