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Pasta is globally known as food made from flour and water (and in some cases with the addition of eggs), and are generally cooked in boiling water.

The first "pasta" is considered to be appeared in ancient Greece, as a square, flat dough sheet with the name "lasanon" (subsequently "lasagna"). Then the lasanon became known to the Romans and through them to all nations.
The Arabs became acquainted with the early "lasagna" during their journeys in the 5th century, the first production of dry pasta is attributed to them In Europe, lasagna arrived with the invasion of the Libyan Arabs in Sicily, during the 7th century, and quickly spread to Italy; exports followed soon throughout the Mediterranean.
Despite the high penetration in Italian life (especially in the South), the wide spread of pasta was made in the 19th century with the industrialization of the pasta production in the Naples area.

As for the nutritional value, the pasta is low in sugar and high in complex carbohydrates, which maintain a stable blood sugar level (as they are digested slowly) and, thus, do not allow high volatility of energy. Pasta is rich in iron, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins family B (especially Foley Acid B9) and contain little fat and cholesterol.

Noodles / Hylopittes
The "Hylopittes" are type of traditional Greek pasta made from flour (semolina), eggs, milk and salt. The dough is opened in thin sheets, and then cut into strips or small squares.
Noodle Soup - Trahanas
Pasta Soup is part of traditional Greek cuisine, very nutritious and with low fat. It can be part of a full meal as a first course or a light meal itself. The most famous pasta soup (noodle) is "trachanas": pasta made from semolina and milk. It comes in several varieties: sweet and sour, thick and thin. Sometimes it is cooked with other natural additives, more often with tomato.
See "Library" for more information on the history and use of pasta.

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