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Tomato Sauces

In cooking, sauces are creamy preparations that accompany other dishes. The tomato sauce is one of the many types of sauces that complement a dish and is mostly known as a sauce for pasta. By "tomato sauce" we will mean the pure preparation of boiled tomato, having added only pure materials (such as basil, oregano, etc.), which is highly nutritious and can be added directly into pasta or meat or vegetables without (much) further processing.

The Tomato
Tomatoes are possibly the only meal of traditional Greek cuisine and Mediterranean Diet that is neither Greek nor even Mediterranean in origin. Originally cultivated in the Andes (Peru), arrived in Europe in the 16th century - where it was spread. It became world known primarily as sauce for pasta and fresh as the main ingredient of the Greek "choriatiki" salad.

Nutritional Value of Tomato (source: SOLONsynthesi and
Tomato is beneficial to human health, since it is rich in vitamins and minerals that help to regulate blood glucose, the constipation and the cholesterol. The fruit, when ripe, has an intense red color due to lycopene, which makes tomato an extremely beneficial fruit.
Research has shown that tomato contains a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens our body's defense. Lycopene, on the other hand is a very powerful antioxidant with anti-cancer activity, is especially good for our heart and has a positive effect on the immune system. Lycopene is fat-soluble element, ie it is more easily absorbed when consumed with fat (eg, olive oil, cheese or meat).

The concentration of lycopene is higher when the tomatoes are cooked (up to 6 times more in pure sauces for pasta), and in order to have anticancer activity should be consumed in a natural way and not alone (as medicine).

See "Library" for more information on the history and use of tomato sauce.
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