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Marmalades & Spoon Sweets

Marmalades is pulp made from the juice and flesh and / or peel of fruits, especially citrus, which are boiled with sugar and water in order to be preserved. The origin of Marmalade can be found from ancient Greece, where it was known as melimilon ("honey" as sweetener + "apple" generally meant "fruit"). The process mainly referred to quince. In that form it became known to the ancient Romans and at a later stage to the Portuguese, who replaced honey with sugar producing the "marmelada" (from marmelo, which means "quince" in Portuguese). Consequently the marmelada became very well known in Spain, France and England, where orange replaced the quince.

In our catalog you will find a list of homemade marmalades/jams, from classic quince and citrus and more, made of the most simple and authentic materials, from old traditional Greek recipes.
You can see the available marmalades/ jams on our relative list.

Spoon sweets
Among the most traditional sweets of Greece are those of "the spoon". They are called so, because they were served in a large bowl with lots of spoons and have always been a gesture of hospitality. Apart from Greece and Cyprus, sweets spoons are typical and well known in the Balkans, the Middle East and Russia.

The Spoon Sweets were originally created by the need for households to maintain their excessive fruit production; many fruits could not be consumed at all if not conserved this way. The overall production process is very similar to the marmalade, but fruit kept intact and should be crispy. They are slowly boiled for several hours and / or days, in order to "tie" the syrup. Therefore, the basic recipe is "a big pot and a lot of patience."

You can find in our list the spoon sweets we already have available. Very soon we will give more information and pictures of all products in the category.

More information about Marmalades/Jams and Sweet conserves (spoon sweets) you can find in our "Library".

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